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  1. Hi Dan!
    Great to see you at the Outdoor show last Friday. As we discussed, I would love to host you and your show at Upham Woods- we reach 11,000 people a year and I think our audience and your audience have a lot in common. Our shooting sports program is the largest in the area in terms of individuals that go through it, as is our fishing program for kids.

  2. Hi Dan, Loved your show that showed your homestead and how you live there.
    What episode is it? How could I get a copy? Thank you,
    Lynn Ollswang

  3. I met one of your fishing guide contributors in a doctors waiting room. He had been in a serious traffic accident and was unable to work. I would like to watch some of the episodes he was on your show and send him some information on the fishing in the Stoughton, WI. area.

    Would you give me his name and I will pull up his information, and watch some old shows. thanks Steve

  4. Dan, I am researching the Big Spring Indian Village located in Manitowoc County in the town of Gibson between Rockledge Road and Hillview Roads. I understand you were in this area a number of years ago when you were working for the State. At this time my research leads me to believe old chief Mishicot is buried in that area, I am the coordinator of the Mishicot Wisconsin Historical Museum and have worked with the state to secure our state historical marker for the village. Talking with you would be most helpful in documenting more information on his burial .
    Could you Please get in contact with me. jim_sustman@yahoo.com,
    phone 920-755-3317. I understand you were with Ford Thompson whose has property on Hillview Rd at the time. Thank you in advance for reading this and for hopefully your response.
    Best Jim Sustman

  5. I remember Dan helping release turkeys in Southern Kettle Moraine many years ago along with a sportsman’s club. We now have many turkeys in our back yard most days. Thank you to all concerned as your help is much appreciated. Your hard work really paid great dividends.

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